Saturday, April 14, 2012

Alberta Votes Day 20: Notes From Week 3

On the Debate

Reaction from yours truly, Hatrock, Santos, Tougas, and Daveberta.

On Going Neg

1. A former Liberal MLA offers the PCs free advice on how to go neg, envisioning grainy and unflattering pictures of Smith with an ominous voice over warning "Danielle Smith wants to bring American-style health care to Alberta".

2. The master of going neg digs up some old Danielle Smith quotes on abortion and private Health Care.

3. The PC campaign complains about the floor crossers they lost over two years ago and Lyle Oberg.

On the Challenges of Going Neg

Danielle Smith reminds everyone she's pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. Which should remind us why the PCs have had a difficult time painting her as a right wing bogeyman.

On Advertising

Daveberta digs up one of the worst election ads I have ever seen:

And also this kind of cool one:

However, an ad exec once told me that if someone is branding themselves as "not your father's car", it's because they have reams of focus group data saying people see them as "your father's car".

Sing a Song for Glen

The Alberta Party has released a campaign song:

It's no "Ted Morton is the Man", but it's infinitely less annoying than "Sing a Song for Jim".

Speaking of "The Man", he has once again broken new ground, becoming the first candidate to ever post a topless photo of himself on his website bio:

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  • Assuming the quotes on Kinsella's web page are not taken out of context (probably a big "if" as it's Kinsella we're talking about), then Smith would seem to have something of a credibility issue. Not to mention a bit of a kook issue when you consider the "practise the occult" bit.

    By Anonymous Jim R, at 3:07 PM  

  • ^
    In a general election, maybe, but Danielle Smith is vying for the votes of the most Conservative 40% or so of Alberta. Redford can only milk so much out of the Liberals and NDP.

    In the 2008 election survey, 49.7% of Albertans supported private hospitals, while 45.5% said abortions should be not allowed, very difficult to get, or quite difficult to get. 44.4% opposed gay marriage.

    The positions outlined in the statements Kinsella lists are in line with the views of the voters Danielle Smith needs in order to win.

    The trouble with Warren Kinsella is that he believes HE beat Stockwell Day by going negative (in fact, Alliance support was pretty consistent through the campaign, and higher than pre-campaign support). Kinsella's reputation as a successful campaign manager derives more from the divided right and Day's poor leadership skills.

    The Tories should "go negative", but perhaps competence is a better hill to die.

    By Anonymous hosertohoosier, at 2:48 AM  

  • (Ayyyeeee!) Those songs, wow. I missed both at the time, for which I am grateful. Ted "Abs" Morton, a lover of the unique plant life in Alberta? lol

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:53 PM  

  • I tend to agree with H2H. If Smith sweeps through rural Alberta and the Calgary suburbs, she'll win a majority.

    And I suspect her position on issues like conscience rights is largely in line with the majority of voters in those areas.

    By Blogger calgarygrit, at 10:44 AM  

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