Saturday, June 05, 2004

Week 2 Review:

Blog of the Week: It's a tough time for Warren personally I'm sure but his blog was on fire this week.

Weekly Winner: John Manley, Brian Tobin, Frank McKenna...and anyone else who's got their eyes on replacing Martin. My guess is they won't need to wait 10 years like Paul mused back in January.

Weekly Loser: Dalton McGuinty. The true effect of his budget on the Liberals fortunes in Ontario is only now being seen.

Laugher of the Week: The line going around the media is that Dalton McGuinty has brought down two majority governments within the past year.

Jean Lapierre mistake of the week: Looks like a lot of Lapierre's old quotes are popping up. Including his longing for a minority government in 2000.

We’re flying money's now on a Harper minority. But it's sure going to be interesting.

Grade: B-
Highlight: Platform rolled out
Lowlight: McCallym and Sgro heckling fiasco
No major gaffes except for the absolutely baffling heckling incident. But, yet again, the polls keep heading south.

Grade: B
Highlight: According to Don Martin, Harper won the Calgary Flames trivia contest on the United Scarelines.
Lowlight: Merrifield's abortion comments.
Harper himself is running a fantastic campaign. He just needs to keep his MPs muzzled.

Grade: B
Highlight: Looked good on the student town hall last night
Lowlight: The Green Party getting a lot of media play, and actually projected for 2 seats.
As the race starts to polarize between Harper and Martin, Layton risks becoming an afterthought.


Grade: A-
Highlight: Now that we're heading towards a minority, the Bloc's influence will be immense
Lowlight: Very little appears to be phasing Ducceppe.
Ipsos has the Bloc winning 56 to 60 seats. WOW.


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